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Let's talk web design for a moment.

There are a few things that you want to make absolutely sure that you do when designing a website. By the same token, there are very many things that you want to make absolutely sure that you do not do.

A fast-loading website is of the utmost importance. Most folks simply will not wait while a slow loading page opens. The biggest culprits here are big, high quality pictures. They look great, but no one will see them if they've gotten bored and are on their way to your competitor's site. There are ways around this though, and we know them. Pictures are important to many types of sites and at DesignQuirks, we have the expertise to make beautiful images load up to fifty times faster than they would if left the way they came from the camera or scanner.

Another speed consideration, of course, is the server that your site is hosted on. We have very fast servers that are guaranteed to be operational 99.% of the time. In my experience, they are even more reliable than that. Our servers are also redundantly backed up and their power monitored by some of the best line conditioners available anywhere.

Once you have your site "up to speed" so to speak, it's time to think about content. Obviously you want to use your site to put the best face possible on your organization or business. It's also a good idea to do that as concise a manner as possible.

Also very important is the look and feel of your site. DesignQuirks specializes in cutting edge, pristine sites with vibrant graphics and attractive, easy to use navigation menus. If you've ever been unable to find a page that you were just looking at [and who hasn't?], you know what we're talking about.

The last -- and perhaps most important -- consideration is Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and the submission of your site to the different search engines, i.e. Google®, Yahoo®, AOL® etc. Because let’s face it, you can have the most beautiful and informative website in the world, but if no one sees it, what good is it?

SEO is exactly what the name implies: Making your site readily accessible when the search engine "spiders" are looking for it. We design or edit your site to assure that the content, 'keywords' and description meta tags are optimized so that your potential customers can find you.

We do all this in a timely yet precise manner, as our biggest pursuit is our customers' total satisfaction.

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