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About Us

DesignQuirks came about as the result of the marriage of our owner's love of family and a love of web and graphic design. Forming DesignQuirks was a way to spend more time with the family while still "bringing home the bacon."

So what makes DesignQuirks different? A few things:

  • Because we're small, we can afford to spend the extra time it often takes to see that a customer is totally satisfied with their finished product. We're not slow, just thorough and cautious.

  • Low overhead speaks for itself; we can charge less because it costs us less to operate.

  • We love what we do; we really do. There's no rushing through a project just to get to the end. Why would we? We wouldn't enjoy the process and you wouldn't appreciate the finished product.

  • The biggest difference? We care about you. We're small - Your business is of the utmost importance to us. Unlike a large corporation, if we lose a customer, we've lost something important to us that we truly care about.

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